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Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Requirements

BAS students must fulfill George Mason’s general education requirements, along with the requirements for an approved area of specialization. These requirements must be met along with completion of George Mason’s required amount of upper-level coursework (45 credit hours).

Admitted BAS students are responsible for meeting with the BAS Program Advisor to plan their course of study including completion of general education, the BAS area of specialization, and any remaining requirements. Contact Darren Troxler in the Office of Admissions, 703-993-2400 or to schedule an appointment.

The minimum credit requirement will be 120 hours; however, fulfilling all general education requirements, 45 hours of upper level coursework, and an academic specialization is likely to require most BAS students to complete at least 63-66 credit hours at George Mason, and a total of 123-136 credit hours in order to receive the degree. While there is some variation between areas of specialization, in general the BAS requirements are fulfilled in three ways:

General Education

Some may be taken during the AAS degree, others while enrolled at George Mason. All general education requirements must be met with either George Mason courses or transferrable equivalents.

Area of Specialization

The Area of Specialization is intended to provide focus for the BAS curriculum in an area relevant to the student’s AAS degree while allowing for the breadth of study associated with a liberal arts baccalaureate degree. As a new degree program, the BAS is adding areas of specialization on a regular basis. Each area of specialization will be approved by an interdisciplinary curriculum committee, and include the full participation of the academic unit home for that area of specialization.


A number of courses from the AAS degree will transfer into George Mason as block credit that can be counted only toward electives in the BAS degree. In the event a student declares a major other than BAS after admission, up to 51 hours of AAS transfer credit will be deleted. In addition, a number of upper-level electives will often be required in order to fulfill George Mason’s 45 upper-level credit hour requirement.

Total: 123-136 credits