How to Apply

All applicants for graduate study at George Mason University must meet the admission standards specified in the Graduate Admission Policies chapter of the University Catalog.

The graduate admissions process is decentralized at Mason; meaning that each college or school has their own admissions staff. Applicants should send their applications and support documents directly to the Graduate Admissions Application Processing Center assigned to their program. Once a graduate application is complete and ready to be evaluated for admission, the graduate application file is sent to the academic department for review by the Faculty Admissions Committee. All admission application materials are the property of George Mason University and will not be returned to the applicant, nor shared with another individual, institution or organization under any circumstances. Materials for non-enrolled students will be destroyed.

For a list of the Graduate Admissions Application Processing Centers with contact information, please go to our mailing addresses and contacts page. Graduate admission questions may be directed to the specific center assigned to an applicant’s program by school, college, or institute.

Steps for Applying

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Step 1: Pick Your Program and Determine its Requirements

You can view the list of graduate programs offered at Mason at Admissions requirements differ by program, so please confirm the program deadlines and requirements. The section heading under which your intended program of study is listed corresponds to the Program of Study on the online application. A bachelor's degree or greater from a regionally accredited institution is required prior to admission to a graduate program.

Additional Requirements for International Students

Step 2: Apply Online

All applicants must submit the following:

  • Graduate application
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Virginia In-State Tuition Rates Application, if claiming entitlement to these rates
  • Official transcript(s) from all previous institutions attended. Transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope to the College or School graduate admissions office you are applying to. Two official transcripts are required. However, only one official transcript is required if you are applying to: College of Health & Human Services, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Law, School of Business, or the Krasnow Institute. Please send official electronic transcripts to
  • Goals statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Current Résumé
  • Official test scores for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MAT, etc. sent directly from testing agency, if required by your program

Furthermore, some Colleges or Schools may have additional application requirements (e.g., a third letter of recommendation, interview, portfolio, writing sample, or self-evaluation form). Please be sure to check your College or School’s website for additional graduate admissions requirements.

Within a few days of submission of your online application, you will receive an acknowledging e-mail containing your Mason G number (G#). This is a system generated number that is provided to all applicants. If you already have a G#, please include your G# when you submit your supporting documentation. This information will allow us to match your supporting documentation to your completed application in a timely manner.

Step 3: Send in Supporting Documentation

Most of your supporting documentation may be uploaded when you apply online. Sending in additional supporting documentation in one envelope ensures ease in processing your application, with your Mason G#. Also, please be aware that transcripts may arrive under a previous name (e.g., maiden or married name). It is your responsibility to notify the appropriate College or School when you think this has occurred. If you have attended Mason previously under a different name, the computer system will submit your application to us under that name.

Applicants do not need to send in transcripts for courses taken at George Mason University. Some Colleges and Schools require two official transcripts; others require only one official transcript. Be sure to check the application requirements of your College or School.

Where to Submit your Application

For mailing addresses for your College or School, please go to our mailing addresses and contacts page.

Application Deadlines

All applicants are strongly advised to submit applications and all supporting documents by the programs' posted deadline dates.

Step 4: Application Follow-Up

You may check the status of your application using the instructions in your acknowledging e-mail. Be aware of your program's deadline and ensure your application is complete by that date. Some programs require additional letters of recommendation, self-evaluations, interviews, or other supplemental materials. Again, check with your program’s application requirements.

For contact information for your College or School, please go to

Additional Information