Selective Admission Majors

Admission to the university and to the major are usually simultaneous with the following exceptions:

School of Nursing

Applying to the university and applying to the BSN program are two separate application processes, so it’s important to be aware of nursing application guidelines and expectations. Transfer applicants must first apply to Mason before applying to the BSN major. Admission to the BSN major is highly competitive and requires transfer applicants to meet additional BSN application deadlines separate from university deadlines.

Pre-nursing students are not automatically accepted into Mason’s nursing program. In order to be admitted into Mason’s BSN program, students must complete a separate BSN departmental application. This application is available on the BSN Admissions website during specific application periods. BSN applications received after deadline dates will not be considered. Acceptance to the nursing program is contingent upon admission to the university, but admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the nursing program.

Prospective students who are interested in pursuing a major in nursing are strongly encouraged to attend an information session provided by the CHHS Office of Student Affairs for advising prior to applying to the nursing major. All transfer students interested in the nursing major are responsible for understanding and meeting the requirements of BSN Admission. For additional information, please visit the BSN Admissions website.

Volgenau School of Engineering

Admission to the Volgenau School of Engineering is competitive. Transfer applicants interested in Applied Computer Science or Computer Science must have completed the equivalent of CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming or CS 211 Object-Oriented Programming and MATH 113 Calculus I or MATH 114 Calculus II or MATH 125 Discrete Mathematics to be considered for admission. Both courses must be completed with grades of B or better.

Transfer applicants interested in any Engineering major must have completed the equivalent of MATH 113 Calculus I and MATH 114 Calculus II to be considered for admission. Both courses must be completed with grades of B or better.

College of Visual and Performing Arts Majors

Art and Visual Technology

Art and Visual Technology majors applicants are required to schedule a portfolio review. For information, call 703-993-8898.


Applicants are required to audition. For information, contact the Dance Department at 703-993-1114.

Film and Video Studies

Applicants to the Film and Video Studies program are required to prepare a portfolio. Information about the portfolio process, including dates and portfolio requirements, can be found on the FAVS web page.


Applicants are required to audition. For information, contact the audition coordinator at 703-993-1380.


Acceptance to the Theater B.A and B.F.A. degree programs is by interview and audition or portfolio review. Audition dates and requirements may be found at: or by calling the Theater Department at 703.993.1120.