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Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Transfer Guide

Computational and Data Sciences, B.S.

This is a recommended program of study for students planning to obtain a VCCS Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) degree in Computer Science and transfer to George Mason University for a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Computational and Data Sciences.

Transfer Course1st2nd3rd4thGMU Equivalent
ENG 111 and ENG 12533  ENGH 101 and ENGH 201
MTH 173 and MTH 17455  MATH 113 and MATH 114
EGR 1263   CDS 130
CSC 2004   CS----
CSC 201 and CSC 202 44 CS 112 and CS 211
CSC 205   3CS----
ECO 202   3ECON 103
SDV 1001   UNIV 100
HIS 101 and HIS 102   33HIST 101 and HIST 102
CST 110  3 COMM 100
PHY 100 or PHY 101 and PHY 102  44PHYS 103 and PHYS 104
PED 116 or PED/RPK elective  1 PHED----or PRLS----
Humanities-Fine Arts   3Mason Core Global Understanding
Social-Behavioral Science 3  Mason Core Social-Behvioral Science
Total Credits:16151516 


Admission to the B.S. in Computational and Data Sciences program is competitive.

NOTE:  ENG 125 is offered at three VCCS colleges and may substitute for ENG 112.  Consult your VCCS Advisor.

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