Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have developed a list of frequently asked questions below that might answer your question(s).

1. Questions About Your Application or Academic Interest?

The graduate admissions process is decentralized at Mason, which means that each school or college has its own admission staff. So if you have a question about (i) a specific graduate program offered at Mason; (ii) your application, application status, or decision on your application; (iii) an email or phone call your received regarding your application; or (iv) scholarships offered, then you will need to contact the College or School directly. To expedite an answer to your inquiry, please contact the appropriate College or School at the following email address:

College of Education and Human Development
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Health and Human Services
College of Science
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
School of Law
School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs
Volgenau School of Engineering
School of Business,,,,,,,

In addition:

  1. Applicants should send their applications and supporting documents directly to the College or School assigned to your program.
  2. All supplemental application materials must be submitted by the posted deadline.
  3. You do not need to mail copies of the documents that you have already uploaded with your online application.
  4. For mailing addresses, please visit

2. What Graduate Programs are Offered at Mason?

For more information on graduate program offered at Mason, please visit to find your program and follow the links for more information. All supplemental application materials, including test scores, must be submitted by the deadline. For program specific questions, please contact the College or School directly (see email links above).

3. Do You Offer Graduate Non-Degree Programs?

For more information, please visit If you have questions, or if you applied to Mason as a non-degree applicant, please email directly.

4. Where Can I Find My GMU G#?

Your G# will be generated after you submit your application. It is not automatic, it generally takes 24-48 hours to be generated and you will receive an email with your G#. Until you receive your G#, you can leave that line blank. Please be sure to check your spam folder for the email assigning your G#.

5. How Can I Check My Application Status?

You may check the status of your graduate application online to identify which items are missing from your graduate application. Please visit If you recentlly submitted these documents, please allow the admissions office 4-6 weeks to process your supplemental materials, scan, index, and update your online status checklist.

6. Who Can Help Me With Questions Concerning Transcripts?

  1. How many transcripts? - Two official transcripts are required. However, only one official transcript is required if you are applying to: College of Health & Human Services, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Law, School of Business, or the Krasnow Institute.
  2. From ALL institutions attended – Mason requires all transcripts, from all institutions you attended, to be submitted with your application.
  3. Mason Graduates – If you are a George Mason graduate, you do not need to request transcripts.
  4. Electronic Transcripts – If you are sending electronic transcripts, they must come directly from your institution, not forwarded by you. Please send electronic transcripts to
  5. Questions? – Please email specific questions about your transcript(s) directly to the school or college,
  6. Unofficial transcripts – Some of the programs allow you to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript with your online application. You are still required to submit your official transcript to complete your file for review. If your file is too large to upload with your online application, the program does not accept unofficial transcripts by any alternative delivery service.

7. Where Do I Mail My Supplemental Materials?

If you have application materials that you did not upload with your online application (i.e., transcripts, updated resume), please mail to the appropriate graduate admissions office. Specific mailing address and contacts are listed at

8. Where Can I Get More Information on My Military Benefits?

For more info on your GI benefits, post 9-11 benefits and Yellow Ribbon questions; or if you are a spouse or military dependent, please visit go to or email directly.

9. Who Can Help Me With Registration Holds?

A hold may be placed on a student's account for a number of reasons by offices such as parking services, cash office, library, student health etc. Some holds prevent registration. Check Patriot Web (Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records/ View Holds) to view your holds. Contact the department that placed the hold on your account in order to resolve the issue.

10. What is Mason’s Institution Code for Test Scores?

  1. Institution Code – Official test scores must be provided directly from the testing agency. In general, you may use the institution code 5827 to send your scores to George Mason University. There are no departmental codes for Mason. Test scores arrive to our institution electronically.
  2. How long are GRE/GMAT scores good? – GRE or GMAT scores should not be older than 5 years. Applicants should plan to take the GRE at least two months before the deadline.
  3. How long are English proficiency test scores good? – All English proficiency scores are valid for two years from the test date. Mason accepts TOEFL, IELTS, and Pearson Test of English. For IELTS, please make sure you have scores sent to the Mason Office of Graduate Admissions.

11. What Do International Applicants Need to Know?

  1. Conditional Admission – Mason does not grant conditional admissions.
  2. Transcripts and Evaluations - For information on international transcript submission guidelines and evaluations, please go to
  3. Can Mason evaluate my transcripts? Yes. Please submit your international transcripts to the graduate admissions office to which you are applying. Specific mailing address and contacts are listed at
  4. Certificate of Financial Responsibility – Immigration documents cannot be issued until this form is received, with supporting documents. You may wait to submit this form after a decision has been made on your application. However, because time is of the essence, the longer you wait to submit this form, there could be a delay in processing your I-20 or DS 2019. During peak periods it may take several weeks to process your I-20, DS 2019. For express delivery of your immigration documents, please visit
  5. English Proficiency - For Mason's English proficiency standards, please visit

12. Can I Visit Mason?

Attend one of our graduate information sessions and take a tour of our Fairfax campus. For more information, dates and times, please visit

13. Am I eligible for in-state tution?

For information on Domicile and your eligibility for Virginia in-state tuition, please go to

14. Who can help me with technical difficulties with my online application?

If you are having problems with your online application please try one the following:

  1. Problem uploading documents - the problem may be the size of your document. Please check with the admissions office for the program to which you are applying for further guidance. See #1 above for the correct email address.
  2. Problems with the online app - at the bottom of the application log in page, click on Technical Support and follow the prompts.
  3. Technical Support cannot help you - save and close your application. Close all windows and turn your computer off. Restart your computer.

15. I have questions that are not addressed by #1 – 14 above.

While we cannot anticipate every question you might have please visit for more information on Our Programs, How to Apply, forms and applications, financial aid, tuition and fees, benefits regarding our Military community, fellowships and scholarships, international applicants required documents, English Proficiency, mailing addresses and contacts, information sessions, directions to Mason, and much more. You may also email us at for help.

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