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Personal Enrichment

Would you like to study something you’ve never had the opportunity to before, learn a new skill, or debate important issues with classmates and faculty? Enrolling at Mason as a non-degree student gives you the ability to discover new things and indulge your personal interests.

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Senior citizens that reside in Virginia have the opportunity to audit select courses at Mason for free! Learn more about this benefit.


Requirements for Post-Baccalaureates Wishing to Enroll in Non-Degree Undergraduate Courses

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree, seeking to take undergraduate courses towards a second bachelor’s degree or for personal development, must meet the standards of admission for undergraduate study. These students will be considered undergraduate students and are not eligible to take graduate courses or receive graduate advising. Students who later seek to enroll in graduate courses or who wish to receive graduate advising must submit a new non-degree graduate application and be reconsidered for admission.

Requirements for Graduate Non-Degree

  1. Review the restricted programs section, and be sure that you are submitting the correct application.
  2. Non-degree applicants not seeking admission to a restricted program must complete the non-degree online application for admission, including a non-refundable application fee.
  3. Request all official transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree who wish to take graduate-level courses must meet graduate admission standards. These students will be considered and charged at the graduate level, even if taking undergraduate courses. Individual academic units and majors may have additional requirements for non-degree graduate status. A student cannot graduate or receive a degree in non-degree status.

All master’s programs require at least 18 credits to be completed at Mason to be considered for graduation, and some graduate programs allow a maximum of 6 credits to be transferred from non-degree status. It is strongly recommended that students who plan to seek a degree from Mason apply for degree status admission well before published deadlines. Non-degree graduate students are expected to achieve a semester average of at least a B (3.00) in all courses. Students who do not meet these criteria during two consecutive periods of enrollment are not permitted to register again through non-degree studies.