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Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Transfer Guide

2018-2019 Computational and Data Sciences, B.S.

These are suggested courses which fulfill some degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computational and Data Sciences.  Transfer associate's degree programs and courses vary among the 23 VCCS colleges.  Be sure to consult your community college academic advisor each semester to make sure you are on track to graduate in an A.A. or A.A.& S or A.S. degree.

VCCS Mason Equivalent
ENG 111 and ENG 112 ENGH 101 and ENGH ----
MTH 263, 264 MATH 113, 114
CST 100 or 105 or 110 COMM 100 or 101
EGR 126 CDS 130
Arts Arts
Global Understanding Global Understanding
200 level English Literature or ENG 125 ENGH 2--- or ENGH 201
Natural Science Lecture and Lab Natural Science Lecture and Lab
Natural Science Lecture Natural Science Lecture
ECO 202 ECON 103
HIS 101 or 102 or 112 HIST 101 or 102 or 125
CSC 201 and 202 CS 112 and 211
MTH 245 STAT 250
MTH 266 MATH 203


Mason accepts ENG 125, Introduction to Literature in lieu of ENG 112.  ENG 125 is equivalent to ENGH 201, which fulfills our literature requirement.

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