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Transfer Credit Matrix

This database contains courses that have been evaluated to offer transfer equivalency at the University, including all courses from the Virginia Community College System. Please note that this database is dynamic; we are constantly updating course equivalency data. While this data is as accurate and current as possible, the University retains the right to revise a transfer credit evaluation at any time. This information is not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and the university.

Regardless of course content, courses completed as lower-level (freshman or sophomore) will transfer to Mason as lower-level. For example, VCCS BIO 256 (4)= BIOL L311 (4). Equivalencies offered with an "L" designation do not negate the upper-level requirement. Equivalencies offered with a four-dash designation, such as COMM---- (3) are electives.

Courses completed as upper-level (junior or senior) will transfer to Mason as upper-level. All Mason students must complete 45 hours of upper-level coursework to fulfill bachelor's degree requirements.

Use the form below to look-up course equivalencies for transfer credit.

Select the state and name of the institution from which you would like to transfer credit, then select the appropriate course to see its transfer equivalent, or select "View All" from the drop-down list.

Transfer credit equivalencies for courses within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) are listed under "All VCCS campuses". (Or, you can just click here.)


All Transferrable Courses
Transferring Institution GMU Equivalent
Course Number Course Name Credits Course Number Course Name Credits
ACC-111Accounting I4ACCT-----Accounting Elective4
ACC-112Accounting II4ACCT-----Accounting Elective4
ACC-211Principles of Accounting I3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-211 & ACC-212Principles of Accounting I & Principles of Accounting II6ACCT-203 & ACCT-2---Survey of Accounting & Accounting Elective6
ACC-212Principles of Accounting II3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-215Computerized Accounting3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-219Govt & Not-for-Profit Acct3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-221Intermed Accounting I3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-222Intermediate Accounting II3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-230Advanced Accounting3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-231Cost Accounting I3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-232Cost Accounting II3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-241Auditing I3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-261Principles Federal Taxation3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ACC-262Prin of Federal Tax II3ACCT-----Accounting Elective3
ADJ-100Survey of Criminal Justice3CRIM-100Intr to Criminal Justice3
ADJ-105Juvenile Justice System3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-106Crime & Justice in America3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-107Survey of Criminology3CRIM-210Introduction to Criminology3
ADJ-110Intro to Law Enforcement3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-111Law Enforcement Org & Adm I3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-112Law Enforcement Org & Adm II3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-115Patrol Procedures3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-116Special Enforcement Topics3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-117Police Comm & Records3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-118Crisis Intervention3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-120Introduction to the Courts3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-127Firearms & Marksmanship3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-128Patrol Admin & Operation3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-130Intro to Criminal Law3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-131Legal Evidence I3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-133Ethics & Crim Justice Profess3CRIM-L306Criminal Justice Ethics3
ADJ-134Collection Physical Evidence3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-138Defensive Tactics3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-139Private Detectives3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-140Introduction to Corrections3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-145Corrections & Community3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-146Adult Correctional Inst3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-147Local Adult Detent Facilities3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-150Intro Security Administration3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-152Unarmed Security Officers3ADJ-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-153Armed Security Officers3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-154Intelligence & Tech Analysis3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-157Computer Security3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-159Physical Security3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-160Police Response3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-161Intro to Computer Crime3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-162Intro to Sex Crimes3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-163Crime Analysis & Intelligence3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-164Case Studies in Murder3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-165Crime Scene Photography1CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-166Fish & Game Regulations3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-168Computer Apps in Crim Justice3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-169Transportation & Border Sec3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-170Street Gangs & Law Enforcement3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-171Forensic Science I4CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective4
ADJ-172Forensic Science II4CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective4
ADJ-173Forensic Photography I3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-174Forensic Photography II3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-176Forensic Serology1CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective1
ADJ-177Digital Evidence & Forensics3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-186Forensic Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
ADJ-201Criminology I3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-205Causes of Crime3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-211Crim Law/Evidence/Proced I3CRIM-L490Special Topics3
ADJ-212Crim Law, Evid & Proc II3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-215Report Writing3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-216Organized Crime & Corruption3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-225Courts & Admin of Justice3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-226Questioned Docs Examination3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-227Constituional Law3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-228Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-229Law Enforcement & Community3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-230Civil Liabilities in Crim Just3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-231Community Policing3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-232Domestic Violence3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-233Digital Crime & Terrorism3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-234Terrorism & Counter Terrorism3CRIM-L475Theory/Politics of Terrorism3
ADJ-235Research in Criminal Justice3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-236Principles Crim Investigation3CRIM-L410Criminal Investigations3
ADJ-237Adv Criminal Investigation3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-240Techniques of Interviewing3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-241Correctional Law I3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-243Homeland Security & Law3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-244Terrorism Response Planning3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-245Mgmt Correctional Facilities3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-246Correctional Counseling3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-247Criminal Behavior3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-248Probation, Parole & Treatment3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-250Global Security Concepts3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-252Counterintelligence Concepts3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-255Security Management3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-256Information Security3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-257Loss Prevention3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-270Intro to Trace Evidence3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-275Forensic Pathology3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-276Hair and Fiber Morphology3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-277Advanced Digital Evidence3CRIM-----CRIM Elective3
ADJ-278Firearms & Tool-Mark Ident3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ADJ-289Comparitive Systems of CJ3CRIM-----Admin Justice Elective3
ARA-101Beginning Arabic I5ARAB-101Elementary Arabic I5
ARA-102Beginning Arabic II5ARAB-102Elementary Arabic II5
ARA-111Arabic I3ARAB-----Arabic Elective3
ARA-112Arabic II3ARAB-----Arabic Elective3
ARA-201Intermediate Arabic I4ARAB-201Intermediate Arabic I4
ARA-202Intermediate Arabic II4ARAB-202Intermediate Arabic II4
ARC-200History of Architecture4ARTH-103Introduction to Architecture4
ARC-201History of Modern Architecture3ARTH-L371American Architecture3
ART-100Art Appreciation3ARTH-101Intro to Visual Arts3
ART-101Hist & Appreciation of Art I3ARTH-200Survey of Western Art3
ART-102Hist & Appreciation of Art II3ARTH-201Survey of Western Art3
ART-103Hist Far East Art I3ARTH-203Survey of Asian Art3
ART-104Hist Far East Art II3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-105Art in World Culture3ARTH-101Introduction to Visual Arts3
ART-106Hist Modern Art3ARTH-L36220th Cent European Art3
ART-107Museum Survey3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-108Hist of Printmaking3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-109Hist Women Artists3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-111Intro to the Arts I3ARTH-L399Spec Topics Hist of Art3
ART-112Intro to the Arts II3ARTH-L399Spec Topics Hist of Art3
ART-114General Art3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-116Design for the Web I3AVT-217Introduction to Web Design3
ART-117Design for the Web II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-120Beginning Drawing2AVT-----Art & Visual Technology2
ART-121Drawing I4AVT-222Drawing I4
ART-122Drawing II4AVT-L323Drawing II4
ART-125Intro to Painting3AVT-232Painting I3
ART-126Perspective Drawing4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-127Adv Perspect Drawing4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-130Intro to Multimedia3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-131Fund of Design I4AVT-104Studio Fundamentals4
ART-132Fund of Design II4AVT-105Fundamentals II4
ART-133Visual Arts Foundation4AVT-104Studio Fundamentals I4
ART-135Visual Comm4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-138Figure Drawing3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-140Intro to Graphic Skills3AVT-180Computers in Creative Arts3
ART-141Typography I4AVT-215Typography4
ART-141 & ART-142Typography I & Typography II6AVT-215 & AVT-----Graphic Information I & Art & Visual Technology6
ART-142Typography II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-150Hist of Film & Animation3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
ART-151Ceramics I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-152Ceramics II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-153Ceramics I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-153 & ART-154Ceramics I & Ceramics II8AVT-105 & AVT-----Fundamentals II & Art & Visual Technology8
ART-154Ceramics II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-160Film Production I3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ART-160 & ART-161Film Production I & Film Production II6COMM-L355 & COMM-----Video I: Princip and Pract & Communication Elective6
ART-161Film Production II3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ART-171Airbrush I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-172Airbrush II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-175Photography Workshop4AVT-252Photography I4
ART-180Intro to Computer Graphics3AVT-180Computers in Creative Arts3
ART-200Intro Primitive Art3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-201History of Art I3ARTH-200Survey of Western Art3
ART-202History of Art II3ARTH-201Survey of Western Art3
ART-203Animation I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-204Animation II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-2073D Model Rendering4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-208Video Techniques4FAVS-----FAVS Elective4
ART-211Hist Amer Art I3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-212Hist of Amer Art II3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-213Italian Art I3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-214Italian Art II3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-215Folk Art in America3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-216Masters of Renaissance3ARTH-----Art History Elective3
ART-217Graphic Design I4AVT-215Graphic Information I4
ART-218Graphic Design II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-221Drawing III4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-222Drawing IV4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-223Etching I4AVT-243Printmaking I4
ART-224Etching II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-228Multimedia Graphic Design I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-229Multimedia Graphic Design II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-230Multimedia II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-231Sculpture I4AVT-262Sculpture I4
ART-232Sculpture II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-235Functional Ceramics4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-236Sculptural Ceramics4AVT-262Sculpture I4
ART-237Ceramic Decoration4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-238Figure Drawing3AVT-L324Figure Drawing3
ART-241Painting I4AVT-232Painting I4
ART-242Painting II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-243Watercolor I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-244Watercolor II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-245Portrait Painting3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-246Figure Painting3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-247Painting Tech Illustration4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-250History of Design3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-251Communication Design3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-252Comm Design II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-253Design III4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-254Design IV4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-255Mag Desn/Nwspr Layout4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-257Design Studio4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-258Lithography4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-261Illustration I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-262Illustration II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-263Interactive Design I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-264Interactive Design II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-265Graphic Techniques4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-271Printmaking I4AVT-243Printmaking I4
ART-272Printmaking II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-275Relief Printmaking4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-277Advanced Printmaking4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-2783D Computer Design I4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-2793D Computer Design II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-281Illustration for Designers3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-282Graphic Techniques3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
ART-283Computer Graphics I4AVT-280Digital Arts I4
ART-284Computer Graphics II4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ART-288Thesis Illustration4AVT-----Art & Visual Technology4
ARTS-161Film Production II3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ASL-101American Sign Language I4EDSE-115American Sign Lang I4
ASL-102American Sign Language II4EDSE-116American Sign Language II4
ASL-115Fingerspellling & Number Use2GENL-----General Elective2
ASL-125History & Culture of Deaf Comm3GENL-----General Elective3
ASL-201American Sign Language III4EDSE-----Special Education Elective4
ASL-201 & ASL-202American Sign Language III & American Sign Language IV8EDSE-219 & EDSE-----American Sign Language III & Special Education Elective8
ASL-202American Sign Language IV4EDSE-----Special Education Elective4
ASL-220Comp Linguistics: ASL & Engl.3GENL-----General Elective3
ASL-261American Sign Language V4GENL-----General Elective4
ASL-262American Sign Language VI4GENL-----General Elective4
BCS-117Electronic Journalism3COMM-203Introduction to Journalism3
BCS-130Media Performance3COMM-210Voice and Articulation3
BCS-140Intro to Mass Media3COMM-202Media and Society3
BIO-100Basic Human Biology3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-101General Biology I4BIOL-103Introductory Biology I4
BIO-102General Biology II4BIOL-104Introductory Biology II4
BIO-105BEnvironmental Biology Lab1EVPP-----EVPP Elective1
BIO-106Life Science4BIOL-103Introductory Biology I4
BIO-107Biology of the Environment4EVPP-110Ecosphere: Environ Sci I4
BIO-110General Botany I4BIOL-L304Plant Biology4
BIO-120Zoology4BIOL-L303Animal Biology4
BIO-130Intro Physiology3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-135Plant Physiology3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-141Human Anat & Physiol4BIOL-124Human Anatomy/Physiology4
BIO-142Human Anat & Physiol II4BIOL-125Human Anatomy/Physiology4
BIO-146Human Heredity3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-147Basic Lab Calc Biotechnology1BIOL-----Biology Elective1
BIO-150Intro Microbiology4BIOL-246 & BIOL-L306Introductory Microbiolog & Biol/Microorganisms Lab4
BIO-156Micropathology3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-160Field Biol of Plants4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-161Field Biol of Animals I4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-162Field Biol of Animals II4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-163Vertebrate Field Biol I4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-164Vertebrate Field Biol II4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-165Prin Reg Env for Biotechnology2BIOL-----Biology Elective2
BIO-170Biotechnology Methods1BIOL-----Biology Elective1
BIO-173Biology for Biotechnology4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-180Intro to Biotech Careers1BIOL-----Biology Elective1
BIO-205Gen Microbiology4BIOL-L305 & BIOL-L306Biol of Microorganisms & Biol/Microorganisms Lab4
BIO-206Cell Biology4BIOL-213Cell Structure & Funct4
BIO-215Plant Life of VA3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-226Vertebrate Zoology4BIOL-L333Vertebrate Biology4
BIO-227Animal Life of VA3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-231Human Anat & Physio I4BIOL-124Human Anatomy/Physiology4
BIO-232Human Anat & Physio II4BIOL-125Human Anatomy/Physiology4
BIO-245Comp Anat of Vertebrates4BIOL-L320Compar Chordate Anatomy4
BIO-246Vertebrate Embriology4BIOL-L333Vertebrate Biology4
BIO-250Biotech Research Meth/Skills3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-251Protein Apps in Biotechnology4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-252Nucleic Acid Methods4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-253Biotechnology Concepts3BIOL-L385Biotechnology/Gen Engr3
BIO-255Basic Microtechnique2BIOL-----Biology Elective2
BIO-256Gen Genetics4BIOL-L311General Genetics4
BIO-265Bio Non-Vascular Plants4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-266Bio Vascular Plants4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-267Biological Evolution3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-270General Ecology & Env Science4EVPP-110Ecosphere: Environ Sci I4
BIO-275Marine Ecology4EVPP-111Ecosphere: Envir Sci II4
BIO-276Freshwater Ecology4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BIO-277Regional Flora3BIOL-L344Taxon Flowering Plants3
BIO-278Coastal Ecology3BIOL-----Biology Elective3
BIO-299Study Abroad - Cousteau4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
BUS-100Introduction to Business3BUS-100Business and Society3
BUS-111Principles of Supervision I3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-112Principles of Supervision II3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-116Entrepreneurship3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-117Leadership Development3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-118Concepts/Super3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-122Business Mathematics II3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-145Govt Regulation of Bus3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-146Intro to Labor Relations3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-165Small Business Management3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-200Principles of Management3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-201Organizational Behavior3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-216Prob/Stats for Business & Econ3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-216 & MTH-157Prob/Stat for Bus & Econ & Elementay Statistics6OM-210 & OM-----Statistical Analysis for Mgmt & OM General Elective6
BUS-220Intro to Business Statistics3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-220 & ITE-140Intro Business Statistics & Spreadsheet Software I6BUS-210 & BUS-----Business Analytics I & Business Elective6
BUS-221Business Statistics I3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-221 & BUS-222Business Statistics I & Business Statistics II6OM-210 & OM-----Statistical Analysis for Mgmt & OM General Elective6
BUS-221 & ITE-140Business Statistics I & Spreadsheet Software I6BUS-210 & BUS-----Business Analytics I & Business Elective6
BUS-222Business Statistics II3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-224Statistical Anal for Business4BUS-210Business Analytics I4
BUS-236Communications Management3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-241Business Law I3BUS-----Business Elective3
BUS-270Interpers Dynamic in Bus Org3BUS-103 or COMM-101Dev Prof Skills I:Fnd Elements or Interperson and Group Interact3
BUS-280Intro International Business3BUS-200Global Environment of Business3
CHI-101Beginning Spoken Chinese I5CHIN-101Elementary Chinese5
CHI-102Beginning Spoken Chinese II5CHIN-102Elementary Chinese II5
CHI-103Beginning Spoken Chinese I3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-104Beginning Spoken Chinese II3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-111Begin Chinese Read/Writ I3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-112Begin Chinese Read/Writ II3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-121Beg Chinese Read & Writ I3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-122Beg Chinese Read & Writ II3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-201Intermediate Chinese I4CHIN-201Intermediate Chinese I4
CHI-202Intermediate Chinese II4CHIN-202Intermediate Chinese II4
CHI-211Int Chinese Reading & Writ I3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHI-212Int Chinese Reading &Writ II3CHIN-----Chinese Elective3
CHM-101General Chemistry I4CHEM-103Chem Science in Mod Soc4
CHM-102General Chemistry II4CHEM-104Chem Science in Mod Soc4
CHM-110Survey of Chemistry3CHEM-----Chemistry Elective3
CHM-111College Chemistry I4CHEM-211 & CHEM-213General Chemistry I & General Chemistry Laboratory I4
CHM-112College Chemistry II4CHEM-212 & CHEM-214General Chemistry II & General Chemistry Laboratry II4
CHM-121Health Science Chem I4CHEM-103Chem Sci in Mod Soc I4
CHM-122Health Science Chem II4CHEM-104Chem Sci in Mod Soc II4
CHM-125Chemistry for Nurses3CHEM-----Chemistry Elective3
CHM-126College Chemistry Engr4CHEM-251Gen Chem for Engineers4
CHM-129Chem for Sustainable World I4CHEM-155Intro Environmntl Chem I4
CHM-130Chem for Sustainable World II4CHEM-156Intro Environmtl Chem II4
CHM-241Organic Chemistry I3CHEM-L313Organic Chemistry3
CHM-242Organic Chemistry II3CHEM-L314Organic Chemistry3
CHM-243Organic Chemistry I Lab1CHEM-----Chemistry Elective1
CHM-244Organic Chemistry II Lab1CHEM-----Chemistry Elective1
CHM-245Organic Chemistry I Lab2CHEM-L315Organic Chemistry Lab I2
CHM-246Organic Chemistry II Lab2CHEM-L318Organic Chemistry Lab II2
CHM-251Quant Analysis4CHEM-----Chemistry Elective4
CHM-251 & CHM-252Quant Analysis & Quant Analysis8CHEM-L321 & CHEM-----Elem Quantitative Anly & Chemistry Elective8
CHM-252Quantitative Analysis4CHEM-----Chemistry Elective4
CHM-255Instrumental Analysis3CHEM-----Chemistry Elective3
CHM-260Intro to Biochemistry3CHEM-----Chemistry Elective3
CHM-270Inorganic Chemistry3CHEM-----Chemistry Elective3
CSC-130Scientific Programming3CS-----Computer Sci Elective3
CSC-155Computer Apps & Concepts3IT-103Introduction to Computing3
CSC-185Programming Tools1CS-----Computer Sci Elective1
CSC-200Intro to Computer Science4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
CSC-201Computer Science I4CS-112Intro Computer Programming4
CSC-202Computer Science II4CS-211Object-Oriented Programming4
CSC-205Assembly Lang & Comp Org3CS-----Computer Sci Elective3
CSC-206Assembly Language3CS-----Computer Sci Elective3
CSC-206 & EGR-265Assembly Language & Digital Elect & Logic Design7ECE-L301 & CS-----Digital Electronics & Computer Sci Elective7
CST-100Principles of Public Speaking3COMM-100Public Speaking3
CST-105Oral Communication3COMM-100Public Speaking3
CST-110Intro to Speech Communication3COMM-100 or COMM-----Public Speaking or Communication Elective3
CST-111Intro to Voice & Diction3COMM-210Voice and Articulation3
CST-114Survey of Mass Media3COMM-202Media and Society3
CST-115Small Group Communication3COMM-201Small Group Communication3
CST-120Screenwriting3FAVS-280Writing for the Moving Image3
CST-125Interviewing3COMM-----Communication Elective3
CST-126Interpersonal Communication3COMM-101Interperson and Group Interact3
CST-130Introduction to Theatre3THR-101Theatrical Medium3
CST-131Acting I3THR-210Acting I3
CST-132Acting II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-135Stage Movement3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-137Oral Interpretation3COMM-L310Oral Interpretation3
CST-138Comm for Allied Health Prof3COMM-----Communication Elective3
CST-140Acting for the Camera3THR-L410Screen Acting3
CST-141Theatre Appreciation I3THR-101Theatrical Medium3
CST-142Theatre Appreciation II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-145Stagecraft3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-151Film Appreciation I3ENGH-L372Introduction to Film3
CST-152Film Appreciation II3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
CST-160Improvisation I3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-161Improvisation II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-198Playwriting3THR-L380Playwriting Workshop3
CST-201Intro Comm Theory & Research3COMM-200Communication Theory3
CST-210Theatre Aesthetics3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-227Business & Professional Comm3BUS-103 or COMM-L320Dev Professional Skills I or Business and Profess Comm3
CST-228Persuasion3COMM-230Case Studies: Persuasion3
CST-229Intercultural Communication3COMM-L305Found Intercultural Comm3
CST-231History of Theatre I3THR-150Drama/Stage/Society I3
CST-232History of Theatre II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-233Rehearsal & Performance I3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-234Rehearsal & Performance II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-240Basic Set Design3THR-196Performance/Design Practicum3
CST-241Intro to Directing I3THR-L329Directing I3
CST-242Intro to Directing II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-245Basic Lighting3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-250The Art of the Film3ENGH-----English Elective3
CST-251Stage Lighting & Sound3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-252Costume & Make-Up for Stage3THR-235Costume Crafts3
CST-253Production & Stage Management3THR-201Stage Management3
CST-266Outdoor Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
CST-267Creative Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
DIT-121Nutrition I3NUTR-295 or KINE-L320Introduction to Nutrition or Principles of Human Nutrition3
ECO-110Consumer Economics3ECON-----Economics Elective3
ECO-115Understanding Our Environment3ECON-----Economics Elective3
ECO-120Survey of Economics3ECON-100Econ of Public Issues3
ECO-201Prin of Macroeconomics3ECON-104Macroeconomic Principles3
ECO-202Prin of Microeconomics3ECON-103Microeconomic Principles3
ECO-205Econ of Public Choice3ECON-L309Econ Probs & Public Pol3
ECO-206Managerial Economics3ECON-L306Intermediate Microecon3
ECO-210International Economics3ECON-L385International Economic Policy3
ECO-230Money and Banking3ECON-L310Money & Banking3
ECO-245Contemp Economics Issues3ECON-----Economics Elective3
EDU-200Intro to Teaching Profession3EDUC-L300Introduction to Teaching3
EGR-111Engineering Graphics3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
EGR-112Engineering Graphics3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
EGR-115Engineering Graphics2ENGR-----Engineering Elective2
EGR-120Intro to Engineering2ENGR-107Intro to Engineering2
EGR-124Intro Engineering & Methods3ENGR-107Intro to Engineering3
EGR-125Int Engineering Method3ENGR-107Intro to Engineering3
EGR-126Comp Programming Engineers3CDS-130Computing for Scientists3
EGR-127Intro Computer Programming3CS-----Computer Sci Elective3
EGR-130Stats & Material Strength5ENGR-----Engineering Elective5
EGR-140Eng. Mechanics: Statics3ME-211Statics3
EGR-206Engineering Economics2GENL-----General Elective2
EGR-240Solid Mechanics (Statics)3CEIE-210 or ME-211Statics or Statics3
EGR-245Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics3ME-231Dynamics3
EGR-246Mechanics of Materials3CEIE-L310 or ME-212Mechanics of Materials or Strength of Materials3
EGR-248Thermodynamics for Engineering3ME-221Thermodynamics3
EGR-250Elec Theory3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
EGR-251Basic Electric Circuits I3ECE-----ECE Elective3
EGR-251 & EGR-252 & EGR-255Basic Electric Circuits I & Basic Electric Circuits II & Electric Circuits Lab7ECE-285 & ECE-286 & ECE-----Electric Circuit Anly I & Electric Circuit Anly II & ECE Elective7
EGR-251 & EGR-255Basic Electric Circuits I & Electric Circuits Lab4ECE-285 & ECE-----Electric Circuit Anly I & ECE Elective4
EGR-252Basic Electric Circuits II3ECE-----ECE Elective3
EGR-252 & EGR-255Basic Electric Circuits II & Electric Circuits Lab4ECE-286 & ECE-----Electric Circuit Anly II & ECE Elective4
EGR-255Electric Circuits Lab1ECE-----ECE Elective1
EGR-265Digital Elect & Logic Design4ECE-L301 & ECE-----Digital Electronics & ECE Elective4
EGR-266Engr Electronics3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
EGR-275Elec Circuits Lab1ENGR-----Engineering Elective1
EGR-276Engr Electronics3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
EGR-277Digital Electronics3ENGR-----Engineering Elective3
ENG-111College Composition I3ENGH-101Composition3
ENG-112College Composition II3ENGH----- or ENGH-101English Elective or Composition3
ENG-114Scientific Writing3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-115Technical Writing3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-116Writing for Business3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-120Survey Of Mass Media3COMM-202Mass Media & Comm Syst3
ENG-121Intro Journalism I3COMM-203Intro to Journalism3
ENG-122Intro Journalism II3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ENG-123Writing for the Web3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-125Intro to Literature3ENGH-201Reading Texts3
ENG-131Tech Report Wrtg I3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-150Children's Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-200Introduction to Linguistics3LING-L306General Linguistics3
ENG-205Technical Writing3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-210Advanced Composition3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-211Creative Writing I3ENGH-L396Intro: Creative Writing3
ENG-212Creative Writing II3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-215Creative Writing-Fiction I3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-216Creative Writing-Fiction II3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-217Creative Writing-Poetry3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-218Creative Writing-Poetry II3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-219Creative Writing: Drama3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-221Advanced Journalism I3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ENG-222Advanced Journalism II3COMM-----Communication Elective3
ENG-230Mystery/Literature & Film3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-233The Bible as Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-236Intro to the Short Story3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-237Intro to Poetry3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-241Survey of Amercan Lit I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-242Survey of American Lit II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-243Survey of English Lit I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-244Survey of English Lit II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-245Major English Writers3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-246Major American Writers3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-247Survey of Popular Culture3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-249Survey of Asian-American Lit3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-250Children's Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-251Survey of World Lit I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-252Survey of World Lit II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-253Survey Af-Am Literature I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-254Survey of Af-American Lit II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-255Major Writers in World Lit3ENGH-204Western Literary Masterworks3
ENG-256Literature of Science Fiction3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-257Mythology3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-258Jane Austen: Selected Works3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-260Fantasy Fiction3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-261Advanced Creative Writing I3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-262Advanced Creative Writing II3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-265Modern Short Story3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-267Modern Novel3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-268Modern Drama3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-270Non-Western Lit Global Context3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-271Works of Shakespeare I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-272Works of Shakespeare II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-273Women in Lit I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-274Women in Lit II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-276Southern Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-278Applachian Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-279Film and Literature3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-280Writing User Manuals3ENGH-----English Elective3
ENG-281American Folklore I3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-282American Folklore II3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENG-288Appalachian Folklore3ENGH-2---English Lit Elective3
ENV-100Basic Environmental Science3EVPP-----EVPP Elective3
ENV-101Intro Environmental Tech I3EVPP-----EVPP Elective3
ENV-121General Environ Science I4EVPP-110Ecosphere: Environ Sci I4
ENV-122General Environ Science II4EVPP-111Ecosphere: Envir Sci II4
ENV-136Survey Environmental Concerns3EVPP-201Env and You: Iss-21st Cent3
ENV-220Enviornmental Problems3EVPP-201Env and You: Iss-21st Cent3
ENV-230Apps in Environmental Science3EVPP-----EVPP Elective3
ETR-167 & ETR-261Logic, Circuits & Systems I & Microprocessor Applications I8IT-101 & IT-----Intro to Info Technology & IT Elective8
ETR-261 & ETR-262Microprocessor Application I & Microprocessor Application II6IT-101 & IT-----Intro to Info Technology & IT Elective6
FIN-107Personal Finance3BUS-----Business Elective3
FIN-108Principles of Sec Investment3SOM-----SOM Elective3
FIN-141Prin of Credit Union Op3SOM-----SOM Elective3
FIN-142Prin of Credit Union Op II3SOM-----SOM Elective3
FIN-215Financial Management3BUS-----Business Elective3
FIN-248International Finance3SOM-----SOM Elective3
FIN-260Fin Mgmt for Small Business3SOM-----SOM Elective3
FRE-101Beginning French I5FREN-101Elementary French I5
FRE-102Beginning French II5FREN-102Elementary French II5
FRE-103Basic Spoken French I3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-104Basic Spoken French II3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-111Conv in French3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-112Conv in French3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-201Intermediate French I3FREN-201Intermediate French I3
FRE-202Intermediate French II3FREN-202Intermediate French II3
FRE-203Intermediate French I3FREN-201Intermediate French I3
FRE-204Intermediate French II3FREN-202Intermediate French II3
FRE-211Intermediate French Conv I3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-212Intermediate French Conv II3FREN-----French Elective3
FRE-233Intro Fr Civ & Lit I3FREN-L375French Civl: Anc to Rev3
FRE-234Intro Fr Civ & Lit II3FREN-L376French Civl: Rev to Pres3
FRE-241Int French Comp I3FREN-L352French Composition3
FRE-242Int French Comp II3FREN-----French Elective3
GEO-200Intro to Physical Geography3GGS-102Physical Geography3
GEO-210Intro to Cultural Geography3GGS-103Human Geography3
GEO-220World Regional Geography3GGS-101Major World Regions3
GEO-221Regions of the World I3GGS-----GGS Elective3
GEO-221 & GEO-222Regions of the World I & Regions of the World II6GGS-101 & GGS-----Major World Regions & GGS Elective6
GEO-222Regions of the World II3GGS-----GGS Elective3
GEO-230Political Geography3GGS-L301Political Geography3
GER-101Beginning German I5GERM-101Elementary German I5
GER-102Beginning German II5GERM-102Elementary German II5
GER-103Basic Spoken German I3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-104Basic Spoken German II3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-111Conv in German I3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-112Conv in German II3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-201Intermediate German I3GERM-201Intermediate German I3
GER-202Intermediate German II3GERM-202Intermediate German II3
GER-211Intermediate German Conv I3GERM-2---German Elective3
GER-212Intermediate German Conv II3GERM-2---German Elective3
GER-221German Lit in Translation I3GERM-----German Elective3
GER-222German Lit in Translation II3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-231Intro to German Lit I3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-232Intro to German Lit II3GERM-----German Elective Credit3
GER-241Intermed German Comp I3GERM-L310Germ Conversation & Comp3
GER-242Intermed German Comp II3GERM-----German Elective3
GER-251German Cult & Civ I3GERM-L301German Culture & Civiliz3
GER-252German Cult & Civ II3GERM-----German Elective3
GIS-101Intro to Geospatial Technology3GGS-110Maps and Mapping3
GIS-200Geographical Info Systems I3GGS-L311Intro to Geog Info Systems3
GIS-201Geographical Info Systems II3GGS-L470Spec Top Geographic Techniques3
GIS-203Cartography for GIS3GGS-L310Intro Digital Cartography3
GIS-205Geog Info Sytm:3-Dim Analysis3GGS-L470Spec Top Geographic Techniques3
GIS-210Understanding Geographic Data4GGS-L470Spec Top Geographic Techniques4
GIS-215New GIS Sftware/Applctns4GGS-L470Spec Top Geographic Techniques4
GIS-225GIS Apps for Tax Assessors4GGS-L470Spec Top Geographic Techniques4
GIS-230Apps in Environmental Science3EVPP-----EVPP Elective3
GIS-255Explrng Erth:Intr Remte Sensng3GGS-L412Air Photography Interpretation3
GOL-105Physical Geology & Lab4GEOL-101Introductory Geology I4
GOL-106Historical Geology & Lab4GEOL-102Introductory Geology II4
GOL-110Earth Science4GGS-121Dynamic Atmosphere/Hydrosphere4
GOL-111Oceanography I4GEOL-L309Intro to Oceanography4
GOL-112Oceanography II4GEOL-----Geology Elective4
GOL-125Env Geol Non-Sci3GEOL-----Geology Elective3
GOL-135Field Studies in Geology1GEOL-----Geology Elective1
GOL-205Geol For Engineers4GEOL-----Geology Elective4
GOL-206Paleontology4GEOL-----Geology Elective4
GOL-207Mineralogy4GEOL-----Geology Elective4
GOL-225Environmental Geology4GEOL-L305Environmental Geology4
GRE-101Intro to Ancient Greek I3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
GRE-102Intro to Ancient Greek II3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
GRE-201Intermediate Greek I3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
GRE-202Intermediate Greek II3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
HEB-101Beg Hebrew I5HEBR-101Elementary Hebrew I5
HEB-102Beg Hebrew II5HEBR-102Elementary Hebrew II5
HIM-111Medical Terminology3HAP-202 or ATEP-201Medical Terminology or Medical Scientific Terminology3
HIN-101Beginnning Hindi I5FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective5
HIN-102Beginning Hindi II5FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective5
HIN-201Intermediate Hindi I3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
HIN-202Intermediate Hindi II3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
HIS-101History of Western Civ I3HIST-101Foundations Western Civ3
HIS-102History of Western Civ II3HIST-102Development Western Civ3
HIS-111History of World Civ I3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HIS-112History of World Civ II3HIST-125Introduction to World History3
HIS-121US History I3HIST-121Formatn of Amer Republic3
HIS-122US History II3HIST-122Devel of Modern America3
HIS-125History of American Indian3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-126Women in World History3HIST-L386Topics in History3
HIS-127Women in American History3HIST-L350U.S. Women's History3
HIS-135History of Contemporary World3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HIS-141African-American History I3HIST-L335Afro Amer Exper in US3
HIS-142African-American History II3HIST-L336Afro Amer Exper in US3
HIS-155Life in Colonial Virginia3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-180Historical Archaeology3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-181Hist & Theory of Historic Pres3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-182Oral History Techniques3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-183Survey of Museum Practice3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-186Collections Management3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-187Interpreting Material Culture3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-188Field Survey Tech Archaelogy3HIST-----History Elective3
HIS-203History of African Civ I3HIST-261Survey of African Civ3
HIS-204History of African Civ II3HIST-262Survey of African Civ3
HIS-211Hist of England I3HIST-L321Anglo-Saxon/Med England3
HIS-212Hist of England II3HIST-L322Modern Britain3
HIS-225Topics in European History I3HIST-L388Topics in European Hist3
HIS-226Topics in European History II3HIST-L388Topics in European Hist3
HIS-231History of Latin Amer Civ I3HIST-271Survey Latin Amer Hist3
HIS-232History of Latin Amer Civ II3HIST-272Survey Latin Amer Hist3
HIS-241History of Russia I3HIST-L328Rise of Russia3
HIS-242History of Russia II3HIST-L329Mod Russia & Soviet Un3
HIS-243Hist Ancient World I3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HIS-244Hist Ancient World II3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HIS-251Hist Middle East Civ I3HIST-281Survey of Mid East Civ3
HIS-252Hist Middle East Civ II3HIST-282Survey of Mid East Civ3
HIS-253History of Asian Civ III3HIST-251Survey of East Asian Civ3
HIS-254History of Asian Civ IV3HIST-252Survey East Asian Hist3
HIS-255History of Chinese Culture3HIST-L353Hist Traditional China3
HIS-256History of Japanese Culture3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HIS-262US History in Film3HIST-L393Topics in Film and History3
HIS-263History of the South I3HIST-L351History of Old South3
HIS-264History of the South II3HIST-L352The South Since 18653
HIS-265History of the Old South3HIST-L351History of Old South3
HIS-266Military History of Civil War3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-267The Second World War3HIST-L388Topics in European Hist3
HIS-268The American Constitution3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-269Civil War & Reconstruction3HIST-L373The Civil War and Reconstructi3
HIS-270America in the Gilded Age3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-271American Frontier: 1607-18903HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-276US History since WWII3HIST-L330The U.S. Since WWII3
HIS-277American Experience in Vietnam3HIST-L377The Vietnam War3
HIS-278US Economic History3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-279Age of American Revolution3HIST-L403Rev Era Am Hst 1763-18123
HIS-280Amer Foreign Policy Since 18903HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HIS-281History of Virginia I3HIST-L391Hist of Virginia to 18603
HIS-282History of Virginia II3HIST-L392Hist Virginia Since 18603
HLT-110Concepts of Pers & Comm Health3HEAL-110Personal Health3
HLT-115Intro Personal & Comm Health1HEAL-----Health Elective1
HLT-116Personal Wellness2HEAL-110Personal Health2
HLT-121Intro Drug/Alcohol Abuse3HEAL-----Health Elective3
HLT-160Personal Health & Fitness3HEAL-110Personal Health3
HLT-200Human Sexuality3HEAL-L325Hlt Asp:Human Sexuality3
HLT-204Women's Health3HEAL-----Health Elective3
HLT-215Pers Stress & Stress Mgmt3HEAL-----Health Elective3
HLT-220Concepts of Disease3HEAL-----Health Elective3
HLT-230Principles of Nutrition3KINE-L320Principles of Human Nutrition3
HMS-100Intro to Human Services3SOCW-200Introduction to Social Work3
HMS-121Basic Counseling Skills3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
HMS-142Group Dynamics3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
HMS-266Counseling Psychology3PSYC-L321Counseling Psychology3
HRI-101 & HRI-245Hotel-Restaurant Mgmt I & Labor Cost Control6PRLS-L410 & PRLS-----Mgmt and Op of Leisure Res & PRLS Elective6
HRI-102 & HRI-245Hotel-Restaurant Mgmt II & Labor Cost Control6PRLS-L410 & PRLS-----Mgmt and Op of Leisure Res & PRLS Elective6
HRI-103 & HRI-229Intro to Meeting Planning & Principles of Meeting Planning6TOUR-L440 & TOUR-----Meetings and Conventions & TOUR general elective6
HRI-120 & HRI-251Prin of Food Preparation & Food & Bev Cost Control7TOUR-L310 & TOUR-----Food and Beverage Management & TOUR general elective7
HRI-138 & HRI-256Commercial Food Prod Mgmt & Prin & Apps of Catering6TOUR-L480 & TOUR-----Special Topics & TOUR general elective6
HRI-158 & HRI-165Sanitation & Safety & Hotel Housekeeping6TOUR-L460 & TOUR-----Hospitality Facilities Operatn & TOUR general elective6
HRI-215 & HRI-251Food Purchasing & Food & Bev Cost Control I6TOUR-L310 & TOUR-----Food and Beverage Management & TOUR general elective6
HRI-231Prin of Event Planning & Mgmt3TOUR-220Introduct to Events Management3
HRI-235Marketing of Hosp Services3TOUR-L412Tourism and Events Marketing3
HRI-240Managing Tech Hosp Industry3TOUR-L320Hospitality Mngmt Info Systems3
HRI-255HR Mgmt for Hospitatlity3TOUR-L450Hospitality HR Management3
HRI-275Hospitality Law3PRLS-L460Sport and Rec Law3
HUM-100Survey of Humanities3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-111Great Books I3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-112Great Books II3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-150Intro to Viet Nam3HIST-L387Topics in Global History3
HUM-153Intro to Appalachian Studies3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-165Controversial Issues Amer Cult3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-201Suvey of Western Culture I3HIST-101Foundations Western Civ3
HUM-202Survey of Western Culture II3HIST-102Development Western Civ3
HUM-210Intro Women in Humanities3WMST-200Intro to Women's Studies3
HUM-211Survey of American Culture I3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HUM-212Survey of American Culture II3HIST-L389Topics in U.S. History3
HUM-215Native American Culture3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-218Survey of Horror3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-220Intro African-American Studies3AFAM-200Intro African/Am Studies3
HUM-235Filipino-American Culture3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-241Principles of Humanities I3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-242Principles of Humanities II3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-246Creative Thinking3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
HUM-256Mythology in Lit and Arts3ENGH-202Texts and Contexts3
HUM-259Greek Mythology3CLAS-250Classical Mythology3
HUM-260Survey of 20th Century Culture3HUM-----Humanities Elective3
INT-105Interpreting Foundations I4GENL-----General Elective4
INT-106Interpreting Foundations II4GENL-----General Elective4
INT-107Translation Skills3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-130Interpreting: An Intro3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-133ASL to English Interp I3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-134English to ASL Interp I3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-141Transliterating I3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-233ASL to English Interp II3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-234English to ASL Interp II3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-235Interp in Educational Setting3GENL-----General Elective3
INT-250Dialogic Interpretation I3GENL-----General Elective3
IST-100Intro to Infor Sys3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-104Oper Sys/Software Utilities1IT-----IT Elective1
IST-106Microcomp Op Syst3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-114Fund of Computer Info Syst3IT-103Intro to Computing3
IST-120Microcomputer Software: Spread1MIS-102Spreadsheet Apps for Bus1
IST-123Spreadsheet Software I3MIS-102Spreadsheet Apps for Bus3
IST-127Survey of Internet Serv3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-133Database Mgt Software3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-139Microcomp Integrated Software3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-153Computer Program Design4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-156C++ Programming4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-160Computer Prog Basic I4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-162Computer Prog Cobol I4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-164Computer Prog Pascal I4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-166Comp Prog Assembler I4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-166 & IST-167Comp Prog Assembler I & Comp Prog: Assem I Lab5CS-L311 & CS-----Assembly Language Prog & Computer Sci Elective5
IST-167Comp Prog: Assem I Lab1CS-----Computer Sci Elective1
IST-170Computer Prog ADA4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-172Computer Prog in C4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-174Event Driven C++4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-195Creating a Web Page1IT-----IT Elective1
IST-200Local Area Network3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-203Admin Local Area Netwrks3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-208TCP/IP Protocols & Config3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-212Intro to Telecommunications3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-214Telecommunication Theory3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-216PC Hardware Trblshot3IT-212How Computers Work3
IST-220Microcomp Oper Syst Arch HR3IT-212How Computers Work3
IST-230Microcomp Applications3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-232Database Management3IT-214Database Fundamentals3
IST-243Microcomputer Graphics3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-245Network Security Basics3IT-L466Network Security3
IST-246Computer Crime & Hacking4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-251Systems Analysis & Design3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-251 & IST-258Systems Analysis & Design & System Dev Project6SYST-101 & IT-----Understanding Syst Engr & IT Elective6
IST-255Comp Programming Applications3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-258Sytem Development Proj3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-260Computer Prog Basic II3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-262Computer Prog Cobol II3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-264Computer Prog Pascal II3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-266Network Security Layers3IT-L462Info Security Principles3
IST-272Computer Programming C II4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-274Event-Driven C++4IT-----IT Elective4
IST-276Event-Driven Basic II3IT-----IT Elective3
IST-280Comp Prog Micro Assembler4CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
IST-283Non-Proc & 4th Gen Lang3CS-----Computer Sci Elective4
ITA-101Beginning Italian I5ITAL-101Elementary Italian I5
ITA-102Beginning Italian II5ITAL-102Elementary Italian II5
ITA-103Basic Spoken Italian I3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITA-104Basic Spoken Italian II3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITA-111Conversation in Ital I3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITA-112Conversation in Ital II3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITA-201Intermediate Italian I3ITAL-201Intermediate Italian I3
ITA-202Intermediate Italian II3ITAL-202Intermediate Italian II3
ITA-211Intermed Italian Conv I3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITA-212Intermed Italian Conv II3ITAL-----Italian Elective Credit3
ITD-110Web Page Design I3IT-----IT Elective3
ITD-134PL/SQL Programming3IT-----IT Elective3
ITD-210Web Page Design II3IT-----IT Elective3
ITD-212Interactive Web Design3IT-----IT Elective3
ITD-256Database Management3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-100Intro to Information Systems3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-115Intro to Computer Apps & Conce3IT-103Intro to Computing3
ITE-119Information Literacy3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-120Principles of Info Systems3IT-103Introduction to Computing3
ITE-130Intro to Internet Services3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-140Spreadsheet Software I3MIS-102Spreadsheet Apps for Bus3
ITE-150Desktop Database Software3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-170Multimedia Software3IT-----IT Elective3
ITE-221PC Hardware & OS Architecture3IT-212How Computers Work3
ITN-100 & ITE-221Intro to Telecommunications & PC Hardware & OS Architecture6IT-105 & IT-----IT Architecture Fundamentals & IT Elective6
ITN-101Intro to Network Concepts3IT-----IT Elective3
ITN-154Networking Fundamentals-Cisco4IT-----IT Elective4
ITN-154 & ITN-155Networking Fundamentals-Cisco & Intro Routing-Cisco8IT-L341 & IT-----Network/Oper Syst Essent & IT Elective8
ITN-155Introductory Routing - Cisco4IT-----IT Elective4
ITN-157 & ITN-156WAN Technologies & Basic Switching & Routing8IT-L445 & IT-----Networking Principles II & IT Elective8
ITN-208Protocols & Communications II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITN-245Network Troubleshooting3IT-----IT Elective3
ITN-260Network Security Basics3IT-----IT Elective3
ITN-260 & ITN-266Network Security Basics & Network Security Layers6IT-223 & IT-----Information Security Fundament & IT Elective6
ITN-266Network Security Layers3IT-----IT Elective3
ITP-100Software Design3IT-----IT Elective3
ITP-112Visual Basic Net I4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-120Java Programming I4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-130Computer Programming "C"4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-132C++ Programming I4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-134Visual C++ Programming I4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-136C# Programming I4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-160Introduction to Game Design3GAME-210Basic Game Design3
ITP-212Visual Basic Net II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-220Java Programming II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-225Web Scripting Languages4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-230C Programming II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-232C++ Programming II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-234Visual C++ Programg II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-236C# Programming II4IT-----IT Elective4
ITP-251Syst Analysis & Design3IT-----IT Elective3
ITS-130Intro to Internet Services3IT-----IT Elective3
JPN-101Beginning Japanese I5JAPA-101Intro to Japanese I5
JPN-102Beginning Japanese II5JAPA-102Intro to Japanese II5
JPN-201Int Japanese I3JAPA-201Intermediate Japanese I3
JPN-202Int Japanese II3JAPA-202Intermediate Japanese II3
KOR-101Beginning Korean I5KORE-101Intro to the Korean Language5
KOR-102Beginning Korean II5KORE-102Intro to the Korean Language5
LAT-101Elementary Latin I3LATN-101Elementary Latin I3
LAT-102Elementary Latin II3LATN-102Elementary Latin II3
LAT-201Interm Latin I3LATN-201Intermediate Latin I3
LAT-202Interm Latin II3LATN-202Intermediate Latin II3
MAR-101General Oceanography I4GENL-----General Elective4
MAR-101 & MAR-102General Oceanography I & General Oceanography II8GEOL-L309 & EVPP-----Intro to Oceanography & EVPP Elective8
MAR-102General Oceanography II4GENL-----General Elective4
MAR-201Marine Ecology I4GENL-----General Elective4
MAR-202Marine Ecology II4GENL-----General Elective4
MKT-100Principles of Marketing3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-110Prin of Selling3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-160Marketing for Small Business3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-200Consumers, Marketing, Society3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-201Introduction to Marketing3BUS-----Business Elective3
MKT-210Sales Management3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-215Sales & Mktg Mgmt3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-216Retail Org & Mgmt3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-220Prin of Advertising3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-221Public Relations3COMM-----Communication Elective3
MKT-225Merchandise Information3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-226Visual Merchandising3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-227Merchandise3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-228Promotion3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-229Marketing Research3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-230Intro to Fashion Design3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-235History of Costume Design3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-237Fashion Coordination3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-238Fashion Merchandising3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-239Market Week Selection & Buying3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-271Consumer Behavior3MKTG-----Marketing Elective3
MKT-275International Marketing3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-281Prin of Internet Marketing3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-282Prin of E-Commerce3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MKT-283Ethical Issues in E-Commerce3SOM-----SOM Elective3
MSC-111Military Science I1MLSC-----Military Sci Genl Elect1
MSC-112Military Science II1MLSC-----Military Sci Genl Elect1
MSC-121Leadership Skills I2MLSC-----Military Sci Genl Elect2
MSC-122Leadership Skills II2MLSC-----Military Sci Genl Elect2
MTH-151Math for Liberal Arts I3MATH-106Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH-152Math for Liberal Arts II3MATH----- or MATH-106Mathematics Elective or Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH-154Quantitative Reasoning3MATH-106Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH-155Statistical Reasoning3STAT-----Statistics Elective3
MTH-157Elementary Statistics4STAT-----Statistics Elective4
MTH-161 & MTH-162Pre-Calculus I & Pre-Calculus II6MATH-105Precalculus Mathematics6
MTH-162Pre-Calculus II3MATH-104Trigonometry/Transcend Functio3
MTH-163 & MTH-164Precalculus I & Precalculus II6MATH-105 & MATH-----Precalculus Math & Mathematics Elective6
MTH-164Pre-Calculus II3MATH-104Trigonometry/Transcend Functio3
MTH-166Precalculus w/Trig5MATH-105Precalculus Math5
MTH-167Pre-Calculus Trigonometry5MATH-105Precalculus Mathematics5
MTH-168Precalculus II3MATH-104Trigonometry/Transcend Functio3
MTH-169Introduction to Cryptograhy3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-170Found in Contemporary Math3MATH-106Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH-171 & MTH-172Pre-Calculus Math I & Pre-Calculus Math II6MATH-105 & MATH-----Precalculus Math & Mathematics Elective6
MTH-173Calculus with Analytic Geom I5MATH-113Analytic Geom & Calc I5
MTH-174Calculus with Analytic Geom II5MATH-114Analytic Geom & Calc II5
MTH-175Calc w/ One Variable I3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-175 & MTH-176Calculus w/ One Variable I & Calculus w/ One Variable II6MATH-113 & MATH-----Analytic Geom & Calc I & Mathematics Elective6
MTH-176Calc w/ One Variable II3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-177Introductory Linear Algebra2MATH-----Mathematics Elective2
MTH-180Finite Math l3MATH-111Linear Math Modeling3
MTH-181Finite Math I3MATH-111Linear Math Modeling3
MTH-182Finite Math II3MATH-110Intro Probability/Stat3
MTH-200Abstract Algebra3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-240Statistics3STAT-250Introductory Statistics I3
MTH-241Statistics I3STAT-250Introductory Statistics I3
MTH-241 & ITE-140Statistics I & Spreadsheet Software I6BUS-210 & BUS-----Business Analytics I & Business Elective6
MTH-242Statistics II3STAT-L350Intro Statistics II3
MTH-245Statistics I3STAT-250Introductory Statistics I3
MTH-246Statistics II3STAT-L350Intro Statistics II3
MTH-250College Geometry3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-261Applied Calculus I3MATH-108Intro Calc:Business Applicatio3
MTH-262Applied Calculus II3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-263Calculus I4MATH-113Analytic Geometry/Calculus I4
MTH-264Calculus II4MATH-114Analytic Geom and Calc II4
MTH-265Calculus III4MATH-213Analytic Geom/Calculus III4
MTH-266Linear Algebra3MATH-203Linear Algebra3
MTH-267Differential Equations3MATH-214Elementary Differential Equat3
MTH-270Applied Calculus I3MATH-108Intro Calc:Business Appl3
MTH-271Applied Calculus I3MATH-108Intro Calc:Business Appl3
MTH-271 & MTH-272Applied Calculus I & Applied Calculus II6MATH-108 & MATH-----Intro Calc:Business Appl & Mathematics Elective6
MTH-272Applied Calculus II3MATH-108Intro Calc:Business Appl3
MTH-273Calculus I4MATH-113Analytic Geom & Calc I4
MTH-274Calculus II4MATH-114Analytic Geom & Calc II4
MTH-275Multivariate Calculus4MATH-213Analytic Geom & Calc III4
MTH-275 & MTH-276Vector Calculus I & Diff Equa & Vector Calculus II & Diff Equa8MATH-203 & MATH-214 & MATH-----Matrix Algebra & Elem Differential Equat & Mathematics Elective8
MTH-277Vector Calculus4MATH-213Analytic Geom & Calc III4
MTH-279Ord Diff Equations4MATH-214Elem Differential Equat4
MTH-282Mathematical Reasoning3MATH-----Mathematics Elective3
MTH-283Probability and Statistics3STAT-L344Prob/Stat-Engr/Scient I3
MTH-285Linear Algebra3MATH-203Matrix Algebra3
MTH-286Discrete Mathematics4MATH-125Discrete Mathematics I4
MTH-287Mathematical Structures3MATH-125Discrete Mathematics I3
MTH-291Differential Equations3MATH-214Elem Differential Equat3
MUS-101Basic Musicianship I3MUSI-100Fundamentals of Music3
MUS-102Basic Musicianship II3MUSI-100Fundamentals of Music3
MUS-103Comprehensive Mus I3MUSI-100Fundamentals of Music3
MUS-104Comprehensive Mus II3MUSI-100Fundamentals of Music3
MUS-105Hist of Instruments3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-109Music for Children3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-111Music Theory I4MUSI-115 & MUSI-----Theory I & Music Elective4
MUS-112Music Theory II4MUSI-116 & MUSI-----Theory II & Music Elective4
MUS-115Intro Music Therapy3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-121Music Appreciation3MUSI-101Intro to Classical Music3
MUS-122Music Appreciation II3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-125American Music3MUSI-105Music in the US3
MUS-126Intro to Music Lit3MUSI-101Intro to Classical Music3
MUS-127Folk Music3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-128Organiz & Direct Church Choir3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-130Overview Record Industry1MUSI-----Music Elective1
MUS-131Class Voice I2MUSI-L368 & MUSI-----Class Voice & Music Elective2
MUS-132Class Voice II2MUSI-L368 & MUSI-----Class Voice & Music Elective2
MUS-133Record Syst Services I3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-134Record Syst Services II3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-135Principles of Tuning3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-137Chorus2MUSI-L381University Chorale2
MUS-138Small Vocal Ensemble2MUSI-L385Chamber Singers2
MUS-140Intro to Recording Techniques3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-141Class Piano I2MUSI-171Keyboard Skills I2
MUS-142Class Piano II2MUSI-172Keyboard Skills II2
MUS-145Applied Music-Keyboard1MUSI-242PMI Keyboard1
MUS-148Orchestra1MUSI-L387Symphony Orchestra1
MUS-149Band2MUSI-L383Symphonic Band2
MUS-156Woodwinds Ensemble2MUSI-L485Chamber Ensembles2
MUS-157Sound Studio Design3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-158Rec Stud Elec: Thry & Mn3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-159Improvisational Tech3MUSI-L379Improvisation3
MUS-163Guitar Thry Prac I3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-164Guitar Thry Prac II3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-165Applied Music - Strings2MUSI-246PMI String2
MUS-166String Ensemble2MUSI-L485Chamber Ensembles2
MUS-176Brass Ensemble1MUSI-----Music Elective1
MUS-179Music Copyright Law1MUSI-----Music Elective1
MUS-186Percussion Ensemble1MUSI-L485Chamber Ensembles1
MUS-200Voc Meth & Mtls3MUSI-L352Vocal Pedagogy & Diction3
MUS-201Mus for Classroom Tchr3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-202Mus for Classroom Tchr3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-211Adv Music Theory I4MUSI-215Theory III4
MUS-212Adv Music Theory II4MUSI-216Form and Analysis4
MUS-213Composition I3MUSI-L319Class Comp & Arranging3
MUS-214Composition II3MUSI-L319Class Comp & Arranging3
MUS-221History of Music I3MUSI-L331Music History & Lit I3
MUS-222History of Music II3MUSI-L332Music Lit in History II3
MUS-223History of Opera I3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-224History of Opera II3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-225History of Jazz3MUSI-107Development of Jazz3
MUS-22620th Cent Mus & Cult3MUSI-104Intro to 20th Cent Music3
MUS-227Editing & Mixdown Tech3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-231Adv Class Voice I2MUSI-L368Class Voice2
MUS-232Adv Class Voice II2MUSI-L368Class Voice2
MUS-235Advanced Recording Techniques3MUSI-----Music Elective3
MUS-237Chorus2MUSI-L381University Chorale2
MUS-238Small Vocal Ensemble2MUSI-L385Chamber Singers2
MUS-241Adv Class Piano I2MUSI-273Keyboard Skills III2
MUS-242Adv Class Piano II2MUSI-273Keyboard Skills III2
MUS-248Orchestra1MUSI-L387Symphony Orchestra1
MUS-249Band2MUSI-L383Symphonic Band2
MUS-259Adv Improvisational Tech3MUSI-L379Improvisation3
MUS-276Brass Ensemble2MUSI-----Music Elective2
MUS-286Percussion Ensemble1MUSI-----Music Elective1
NAS-101Natural Sciences I4EVPP-110Ecosphere: Environ Sci I4
NAS-102Natural Sciences II4EVPP-111Ecosphere: Envir Sci II4
NAS-106Conservation of Nat Resources3EVPP-----EVPP Elective3
NAS-120Introductory Meteorology3CLIM-----Climate Dynamics Elective3
NAS-125Meterology4GGS-121Dynamic Atmosphere/Hydrosphere4
NAS-130Elements of Astronomy4ASTR-111 & ASTR-112Intro:Modern Astronomy I & Astronomy Laboratory I4
NAS-131Astronomy I4ASTR-111 & ASTR-112Intro:Modern Astronomy I & Astronomy Laboratory I4
NAS-132Astronomy II4ASTR-113 & ASTR-114Intro:Modern AstronomyII & Astronomy Laboratory II4
NAS-150Human Biology4BIOL-124Human Anatomy/Physiology4
NAS-161Health Science I4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
NAS-162Health Science II4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
NAS-171Hum Anat & Physio I4BIOL-124Human Anatomy/Physiology4
NAS-177Upper Extremity Anat & Phys2GENL-----General Elective2
NAS-185Microbiology4BIOL-----Biology Elective4
NAS-215Man and His Environment6EVPP-110 & EVPP-201Ecosphere: Environ Sci I & Env & You: Iss-21st Cent6
PBS-100Introduction to Public Admin3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PBS-105Personnel Mgmt in Public Sect3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PBS-116Public Budget & Finance3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PBS-240Constitutional Law3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PBS-255Mgmt of Modern City3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PED-100Pilates1RECR-182Pilates: Introduction1
PED-101Fund of Physical Activity I1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-102Fund of Physical Activity II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-103Aerobic Fitness I1RECR-118Aerobics/Basic Conditioning1
PED-104Aerobic Fitness II2PHED-105Aerobics/Basic Condition2
PED-105Aerobic Dance1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-107Exercise & Nutrition I1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-108Exercise & Nutrition II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-109Yoga1RECR-186Yoga: Introduction1
PED-111Weight Training I1RECR-120Weight Training/Body Condtning1
PED-112Weight Training1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-113Lifetime Activity I1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-114Lifetime Activity II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-115Recreational Activities1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-116Fitness and Wellness1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-117Fitness Walking1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-121Racquetball I1PHED-165Introduct to Racquetball1
PED-122Racquetball II2PHED-166Intermediate Racquetball2
PED-123Tennis I1PHED-151Beginning Tennis1
PED-124Tennis II1PHED-153Intermediate Tennis1
PED-125Badminton1PHED-146Badminton & Bowling1
PED-126Archery1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-127Cycling1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-128Horseback Riding1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-129Self Defense1PHED-134Self Defense-Men & Women1
PED-131Fencing1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-133Golf I1PHED-140Golf1
PED-134Golf II1PHED-144Intermediate Golf1
PED-135Bowling I1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-136Bowling II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-137Martial Arts I1PHED-136Tae Kwon Do1
PED-138Martial Arts II1PHED-137Intermediate Tae Kwon Do1
PED-139Ice Skating1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-140Water Aerobics1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-141Swimming1PHED-110Beginning Swimming1
PED-142Swimming II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-144Skin & Scuba Diving2PHED-255Basic Scuba Diving2
PED-147Hiking1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-150Soccer1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-152Basketball1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-154Volleyball1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-155Wallyball1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-156Softball2PHED-----Phys Ed Elective2
PED-160Modern Dance1DANC-----Dance Elective1
PED-161Dance Production I1DANC-----Dance Elective1
PED-163Jazz I1DANC-----Dance Elective1
PED-164Jazz II1DANC-----Dance Elective1
PED-166Ballet1DANC-----Dance Elective1
PED-170Tai Chi2PHED-----Phys Ed Elective2
PED-171Ballroom Dance I1PHED-107Social Dance1
PED-174Shooting & Firearm SA1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-176Camping1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-181Downhill Skiing I1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-182Downhilll Skiing II1PHED-----Phys Ed Elective1
PED-183Outdoor Activities2PHED-----Phys Ed Elective2
PED-187Backpacking2PRLS-120Intro to Backpacking2
PED-193Pilates2PHED-----Phys Ed Elective2
PED-206Sports Appreciation2PHED-----Phys Ed Elective2
PED-210Intro to Physical Ed & Health3PHED-200Prof Dimen of Phys Educ3
PED-220Adult Health and Development2PHED-1N--PHED Elective2
PED-245Advanced Lifesaving2PHED-118Advanced Life Guarding2
PHI-100Intro to Philosophy3PHIL-100Intro to Philosophy3
PHI-101Intro to Philosophy I3PHIL-100Intro to Philosophy3
PHI-102Intro to Philosophy II3PHIL----- or PHIL-100Philosophy Elective or Intro to Philosophy3
PHI-111Logic I3PHIL-173Introduction to Logic3
PHI-112Logic II3PHIL-173Logic & Critical Thinkng3
PHI-115Practical Reasoning3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-200History of Western Philosophy3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-211Hist Western Phil I3PHIL-L301Hist West Phil: Ancient3
PHI-212Hist Western Phil II3PHIL-L302Hist West Phil: Medieval3
PHI-220Ethics3PHIL-151Introduction to Ethics3
PHI-225Problems in Applied Ethics3PHIL-151Introduction to Ethics3
PHI-226Social Ethics3PHIL-L391Special Topics in Philosophy3
PHI-227Biomedical Ethics3PHIL-L309 or HAP-L310Bioethics or Healthcare Ethics3
PHI-229Adv Biomedical Ethics3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-240Aesthetics3PHIL-L356Philosophy of Art3
PHI-241Aesthetics I3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-242Aesthetics II3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-250Epistemology3PHIL-L373Theory of Knowledge3
PHI-255Mind Brains & Comp3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-260Eastern Thinking3RELI-212Religions of the Orient3
PHI-265Phil of Religion3PHIL-L313Philosophy of Religion3
PHI-266Phil/Experience3PHIL-L336Contemp Continental Thgt3
PHI-267Political Phil3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-275Theories Hum Nature3PHIL-----Philosophy Elective3
PHI-276Women & Western Philosophy3PHIL-L391Special Topics in Philosophy3
PHT`-102Photography II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-101Photography I3AVT-252Photography I3
PHT-102Photography II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-103B/W Dark Room Photography I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-104B/W Darkroom Photography II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-105Basic Photography3AVT-252Photography I3
PHT-106The Photgraphic Image3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-107Nature Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-110History of Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-120Screenwriting3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
PHT-126Intro Video Techniques3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-130Video I3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
PHT-130 & PHT-131Video I & Video II6FAVS-255 & FAVS-----Video Production for Film & FAVS Elective6
PHT-131Video II3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
PHT-135Electronic Darkroom3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-135 & PHT-270Electronic Darkroom & Digital Imaging I6AVT-253 & AVT-----Intro to Digital Photography & Art & Visual Technology6
PHT-150Film Production I3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
PHT-151Film Production II3FAVS-----FAVS Elective3
PHT-164Intro to Digital Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-171Imaging Concepts Photo Arts3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-201Advanced Photography3AVT-253Intro to Digital Photography3
PHT-202Adv Photography II3AVT-L353Photography II3
PHT-206Large Format Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-207Color Slide Workshop3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-211Color Photography I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-212Color Photography II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-216Wildlife Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-221Studio Lighting I3AVT-L356Studio Lighting I3
PHT-222Studio Lighting II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-226Commercial Photography I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-227Photographic Marketing3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-231Photojournalism I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-232Photojournalism II3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-235Documentary Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-247Alternative Photographic Proce3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-256Comm through the Photographic3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-264Digital Photography3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-270Digitial Imaging I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-271Digital Imaging I3AVT-----Art & Visual Technology3
PHT-274Digital Film Editing Post Prod3FAVS-260Video Editing for Film3
PHY-100Elements of Physics4PHYS-103Princ/Devel Modern Phys4
PHY-101Intro to Physics I4PHYS-103Princ/Devel Modern Phys4
PHY-102Intro to Physics II4PHYS-104Princ of Modern Physics4
PHY-121Prin Physics I4PHYS-103Princ/Devel Modern Phys4
PHY-122Prin Physics II4PHYS-104Princ of Modern Physics4
PHY-130Survey of Applied Physics3PHYS-----Physics Elective3
PHY-131Applied Physics I3PHYS-----Physics Elective3
PHY-132Applied Physics II3PHYS-104Princ of Modern Physics3
PHY-150Elements of Astronomy4ASTR-111 & ASTR-112Introductory Astr:Solar System & Intro Astr Lab: Solar System4
PHY-170Intro to Microelec Processes3PHYS-----Physics Elective3
PHY-201Gen College Phys I4PHYS-243 & PHYS-244College Physics I & College Physics I Lab4
PHY-202Gen College Phys II4PHYS-245 & PHYS-246College Physics II & College Physics II Lab4
PHY-231General University Physics I5PHYS-160 & PHYS-161 & PHYS-266University Physics I & University Physics I Lab & Introduction to Thermodynamics5
PHY-232General Physics II5PHYS-260 & PHYS-261 & PHYS-----University Physics II & University Physics II Lab & Physics Elective5
PHY-241University Physics I4PHYS-160 & PHYS-161University Physics I & University Physics I Lab4
PHY-242Univ Physics II4PHYS-260 & PHYS-261University Physics II & Univ Physics II Lab4
PHY-243Modern Physics4PHYS-262 & PHYS-263University Physics III & Univ Physics III Lab4
PLS-120Intro Political Science3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-130Basic American Politics3GOVT-L304American State and Local Govt3
PLS-135American National Politics3GOVT-103Intro to American Govt3
PLS-135 & PLS-211American National Politics & US Government I6GOVT-103 & GOVT-----Intro to American Govt & Government Elective6
PLS-135 & PLS-212American National Government & US Government II6GOVT-103 & GOVT-----Intro to American Govt & Government Elective6
PLS-136State & Local Politics3GOVT-L304American State and Local Govt3
PLS-140Intro to Comparitive Politics3GOVT-133Intro Comparative Poli3
PLS-200Political Idealogies3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-211US Government I3GOVT-103Intro to American Govt3
PLS-211 & PLS-212US Government I & US Government II6GOVT-103 & GOVT-----Intro to American Govt & Government Elective6
PLS-212US Government II3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-215Virginia Government & Politics3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-216Women in Politics3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-220Political Parties in US3GOVT-L312Pol Parties & Elections3
PLS-225The US Presidency3GOVT-L308Amer Pres & Chief Exec3
PLS-230Congress of US Government3GOVT-L307Legislative Behavior3
PLS-241International Relations I3GOVT-132Intro International Poli3
PLS-241 & PLS-242International Relations I & International Relations II6GOVT-132 & GOVT-----Intro International Poli & Government Elective6
PLS-242International Relations II3GOVT-----Government Elective3
PLS-250Intro to Conflict Resolution3CONF-101Conflict and Our World3
PLS-255Intro Peace & Stability Ops3CONF-----Conflict and Resol Elective3
PSY-100Prin of Applied Pyschology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-105Personal Adjustment3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-115Health Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-116Psychology of Death & Dying3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-120Human Relations3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-125Interpersonal Relationships3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-126Psyc Bus & Industry3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-135Child Care Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-165Psych of Human Sexuality3HEAL-L325Hlt Asp:Human Sexuality3
PSY-166Psychology & Marriage3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-200Principles of Psychology3PSYC-100Basic Concepts Psyc3
PSY-201Intro to Psychology I3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-202Intro to Psychology II3PSYC-100 or PSYC-----Basic Concepts Psyc or Psychology Elective3
PSY-203Personal Conflict-Crisis Mgmt3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-205Pers Conflict & Crisis Mgmt3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-211Research/Behav Sci3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-213Stats for Behavorial Sciences3PSYC-L300Anly & Interp Psyc Data3
PSY-215Abnormal Psychology3PSYC-L325Abnormal Psychology3
PSY-216Social Psychology3PSYC-231Social Psychology3
PSY-219Cross-Cultural Psychology3PSYC-L379Applied Cross-Cultur Psy3
PSY-220Intro Behavior Modification3PSYC-L322Behavior Modification3
PSY-225Theories of Personality3PSYC-L324Personality Theory3
PSY-226Intro to Couns Relationships3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-230Developmental Psychology3PSYC-211Developmental Psychology3
PSY-231Life Span Human Dev I3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-231 & PSY-232Life Span Hum Develop I & Life Span Hum Develop II6PSYC-211 & PSYC-----Developmental Psychology & Psychology Elective6
PSY-232Life Span Human Dev II3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-235Child Psychology3PSYC-L313Child Psychology3
PSY-236Adolescent Psychology3PSYC-L314Adolescent Psychology3
PSY-237Adult Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-240Health Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-245Educational Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-250Law Enforcement Psychology3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-255Psyc Aspects of Crim Behavior3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-260Psychopharmacology-Sub Abuse3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-265Psychology of Men and Women3PSYC-L362Psychology of Women3
PSY-270Psychology of Human Sexuality3HEAL-L325Hlt Asp:Human Sexuality3
PSY-271Intro to Parapsychology I3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
PSY-272Intro to Parapsychology II3PSYC-----Psychology Elective3
REL-100Intro Study Religion3RELI-100Human Relig Experience3
REL-200Survey of Old Testament3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-205Hebrew Scripture3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-206The Hebrew Torah3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-207Hebrew Prophetic Lit3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-208Hebrew Poetry& Wisdom Lit3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-210Survey of New Testament3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-215New Test & Early Christianity3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-216Life & Teachings of Jesus3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-217Life & Letters of Paul3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-230Religions of the World3RELI-100Human Relig Experience3
REL-231Religions of the World I3RELI-212Religions of Asia3
REL-231 & REL-232Religions of the World I & Religions of the World II6RELI-100 & RELI-----Human Relig Experience & Religion Elective6
REL-232Religions of the World II3RELI-211Religions of the West3
REL-233Intro to Islam3RELI-272Islamic Religious Life3
REL-235Major Religious Thinkers3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-237Eastern Religions3RELI-212Religions of the Orient3
REL-238Western Religions3RELI-211Religions of Near East3
REL-240Religions in America3RELI-231Religion in America3
REL-245Ecumenism3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-246Christianity3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-247History of Christianity3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-248Intro Judaeo-Christian Thought3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-249Charismatic Christianity3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-250Philosophy of Religion3PHIL-L313Philosophy of Religion3
REL-255Problems & Issues in Religion3RELI-----Religion Elective3
REL-260Sociology of Religion3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
RPK-100Intro Rec, Parks & Leisure3PRLS-210Intro Recreation/Leisure3
RPK-102Outdoor Rec Appalachian2PRLS-----PRLS Elective2
RPK-103Prep for Wilderness Adventure2PRLS-----PRLS Elective2
RPK-105Trail Maintenance & Design I3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-108Trail Maintenance & Design II3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-120Outdoor Recreation3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-120 & RPK-265Outdoor Recreation & Risk Management6PRLS-L316 & PRLS-----Rec and Outdoor Education & PRLS Elective6
RPK-121Fund of Camp Management3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-125Resource Interpretation3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-125 & RPK-220Outdoor Education & Ecotourism & Sus Practices7TOUR-L362 & TOUR-----Cultural/Environ Interpretatn & TOUR general elective7
RPK-131Kayaking1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-135Program Planning3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-135 & RPK-141Program Planning & Leadership & Supervision6PRLS-L310 & PRLS-----Rec/Fitns Prgm Dsn/Eval & PRLS Elective6
RPK-140Land Use Ethics1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-141Leadership & Supervision3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-146Rec Facilities Mgmt & Design3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-146 & RPK-201Rec Facilities Mgmt/Design & Recreation & Parks Mgmt6PRLS-L405 & PRLS-----Plan/Desn/Main Leis Faci & PRLS Elective6
RPK-150Mountain Biking1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-151Orienteering1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-152Sports First Aid & Safety3PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-160Wilderness First Aid1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-170Recreational Backpacking1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-171Canoeing1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-175Rock Climbing1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-180Youth Sports Administration3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-185Recreational Camping1PRLS-----PRLS Elective1
RPK-201Recreation & Parks Mgmt3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-210Prin & Psychology of Coaching3SPMT-----Sports Manage Elective3
RPK-220Ecotourism3TOUR-----TOUR general elective3
RPK-230Wildnerness Medicine4HEAL-205Prin of Accident Causatio/Prev4
RPK-255Leisure Svcs for Disablities3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RPK-265Risk Mgmt in Recreation3PRLS-----PRLS Elective3
RUS-101Beginning Russian I5RUSS-101Elementary Russian I5
RUS-102Beginning Russian II5RUSS-102Elementary Russian II5
RUS-201Intermediate Russian I3RUSS-201Intermed Russian I3
RUS-202Intermediate Russian II3RUSS-202Intermediate Russian II3
SCT-111Intro Env Science & Tech I4EVPP-110Ecosphere: Environ Sci I4
SCT-112Intro Env Science & Tech II4EVPP-111Ecosphere: Envir Sci II4
SDV-100College Success Skills1UNIV-100Freshman Transition1
SDV-101Orientation1UNIV-100Freshman Transition1
SOC-115Sociology of Work & Org3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-200Principles of Sociology3SOCI-101Introductory Sociology3
SOC-201Intro to Sociology I3SOCI-101Introductory Sociology3
SOC-202Intro to Sociology II3SOCI----- or SOCI-101Sociology Elective or Introductory Sociology3
SOC-205Rural Sociology3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-207Medical Sociology3SOCI-L390Medical Sociology3
SOC-210Surv Phy & Cult Anthro3ANTH-----Anthropology Elective3
SOC-211Prin of Anthropology I3ANTH-120Unearthng Past:Prehst Cult Evo3
SOC-212Prin of Anthropology II3ANTH-114Intro to Cultural Anthropology3
SOC-215Sociology of the Family3SOCI-L309Marriage and the Family3
SOC-216Child-Parent Comm Rel3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-218Family Violence3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-220Soc & Life Cycle3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-225Gender Sex Roles3SOCI-L315 or WMST-L301Sociology of Sex Roles or Sociology of Sex Roles3
SOC-226Human Sexuality3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-235Juvenile Delinquency3SOCI-L302Sociology of Delinquency3
SOC-245Soc of Aging3SOCI-L441Sociology of Aging3
SOC-246Death & Society3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-247Death & Dying3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-250Sociology of Sport3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-252Sociology through Visual Media3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-255Comparitive Sociology3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-256Soc of the Future3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-265Social Psychology3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SOC-266Minority Group Rel3SOCI-L308Soc of Race Relat & Min3
SOC-268Social Problems3SOCI-L352Modern Social Problems3
SOC-270Meth Soc Research3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SPA-101Beginning Spanish I5SPAN-101Elementary Spanish I5
SPA-102Beginning Spanish II5SPAN-102Elementary Spanish II5
SPA-103Basic Spoken Spanish I3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-104Basic Spoken Spanish II3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-105Beginning Spanish I A2SPAN-----Spanish Elective2
SPA-106Beginning Spanish I B2SPAN-----Spanish Elective2
SPA-107Beginning Spanish 11A2SPAN-----Spanish Elective2
SPA-108Beginning Spanish 11B2SPAN-----Spanish Elective2
SPA-111Conv in Spanish I3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-112Conv in Spanish II3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-115Intensive Beginning Spanish5SPAN-115Review of Elementary Spanish5
SPA-150Spanish for Law Enforcement3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-163Spanish Health Prof3SPAN-141Appl Span Social Service3
SPA-164Spanish Health Prof3SPAN-142Appl Span Social Service3
SPA-201Intermediate Spanish I3SPAN-201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA-202Intermediate Spanish II3SPAN-202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA-203Intermediate Spanish I3SPAN-201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA-204Intermediate Spanish II3SPAN-202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA-205Spanish Heritage Speakers I3SPAN-210Intermediate Spanish3
SPA-206Spanish Heritage Speakers II3SPAN-250Gateway to Advanced Spanish3
SPA-211Interm Spanish Conv3SPAN-L351Spanish Conversation3
SPA-212Interm Spanish Conv3SPAN-L451Adv Oral Conversation3
SPA-221History Lit in Translation I3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-222History Lit in Translation II3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-233Intro Spanish Civ & Lit3SPAN-L321Intro to Spanish Culture3
SPA-234Intro Spanish Civ & Lit3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-241Intermediate Spanish Comp I3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-242Intermediate Spanish Comp II3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-271Intro Lat Amer Civ & Lit I3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPA-272Intro Lat Amer Civ & Lit II3SPAN-----Spanish Elective3
SPD-100Principles of Public Speaking3COMM-100Public Speaking3
SPD-105Public Speaking3COMM-100Public Speaking3
SPD-110Intro to Speech Communication3COMM-100Public Speaking3
SPD-111Voice & Diction I3COMM-210Voice & Articulation3
SPD-112Voice & Diction II3COMM-----Communication Elective3
SPD-115Small Group Communication3COMM-201Small Group Communication3
SPD-117Forensics3COMM-140Foren Sem Creative Arts3
SPD-126Interpersonal Comm3COMM-101Intro Interpersonal Comm3
SPD-130Intro to Theatre3THR-101Intro Theatre Experience3
SPD-131Acting I3THR-210Acting I3
SPD-132Acting II3THR-L310Acting II3
SPD-135Stage Movement3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-136Theatre Workshop3THR-200Play Production Pract3
SPD-137Oral Interpretation3COMM-L310Oral Interpretation3
SPD-141Theatre Appr I3THR-101Theatrical Medium3
SPD-142Theatre Appr II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-145Stagecraft3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-151Film Appreciation3COMM-----Communication Elective3
SPD-152Film Appreciation3COMM-----Communication Elective3
SPD-200Advanced Public Spkng3COMM-----Communication Elective3
SPD-225Listening3COMM-----Communication Elective3
SPD-226Nonverbal Communication3COMM-L332Nonverbal Communication3
SPD-227Business, Professional Comm3BUS-103Dev Professional Skills I3
SPD-229Intercultural Comm3COMM-L305Found Intercultural Comm3
SPD-231Hist of Theatre I3THR-150Drama/Stage/Society I3
SPD-232Hist of Theatre II3THR-L352Survey Theatre History3
SPD-233Rehearsal & Perf I4THR-----Theatre Elective4
SPD-234Rehearsal & Perf II4THR-----Theatre Elective4
SPD-241Intro to Directing I3THR-L329Directing I3
SPD-242Intro to Directing II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-245Basic Lighting3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-246Basic Costume Design3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-247Basic Costume Constr3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-248Tech Drawing for Theatre3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-249Stage Make-Up1THR-----Theatre Elective1
SPD-250The Art of Film3ENGH-L372Introduction to Film3
SPD-251Stage Lighting & Sound3THR-L314Lighting Stagecraft3
SPD-266Outdoor Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-267Creative Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-268Children's Theatre3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-273Survey of Drama I3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-274Survey of Drama II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-275Contemp American Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-276Modern Drama3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-281Playwriting I3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SPD-282Playwriting II3THR-----Theatre Elective3
SSC-101Contemporary Social Probs I3SOCI-----Sociology Elective3
SSC-102Contemporary Social Probs II3GENL-----General Elective3
SSC-107Problems of People Mod World3GLOA-----Global Affairs Elective3
SSC-115Intro to Global Affairs3GLOA-101Intro to Global Affairs3
SSC-210Intro to Women's Studies3WMST-200Intro to Women/Gender Studies3
STD-100Orientation1UNIV-100Freshman Transition1
STD-101Orientation & Success Skills1UNIV-100Freshman Transition1
TEL-150 & TEL-151Internetworking I & Internetworking II6IT-L341 & IT-----Network/Oper Syst Essent & IT Elective6
TRV-100Intro to the Travel Industry3TOUR-200Intro to Travel/Tourism3
TRV-111Geography of Tourism I3GGS-----Geography Elective3
TRV-112Geography of Tourism II3GGS-----Geography Elective3
TRV-115Ground Transportation Planning3TOUR-----TOUR general elective3
TRV-130 & TRV-235Intro to Meeting Planning & Prin of Meeting Planning6TOUR-L440 & TOUR-----Meetings and Conventions & TOUR general elective6
TRV-240Prin of Event Planning & Mgmt3TOUR-220Introduct to Events Management3
TRV-255Meeting & Trade Show Marketing3TOUR-----TOUR general elective3
VTN-101Beginning Vietnamese I5FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective5
VTN-102Beginning Vietnamese II5FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective5
VTN-201Intermediate Vietnamese I3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3
VTN-202Intermediate Vietnamese II3FRLN-----Foreign Lang Elective3

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