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Information for Home-Schooled Students

George Mason University welcomes applications from students who have been home-schooled or that have pursued pre-college educational opportunities that may not be accredited. Such students will be reviewed no differently than those who apply from traditional high schools, and there are no special additional requirements that must be met for consideration. However, we would like to clarify a few points that we feel will be beneficial for home-schooled applicants.

  • Please ensure that you have completed (or will have completed) the minimum preparatory course work required for admission before enrollment at Mason.
  • We understand that in many instances, home-schooled students may not have a traditional “official” transcript. However, in order to evaluate your preparation for higher education, we require some form of transcript. Your home educator can prepare this document. Ideally, we expect to see a listing of courses completed and either a grade or evaluative description of your performance in each. In the event that we need additional information, an admissions representative will contact you.
  • You will note that a “Secondary School Report” which usually accompanies a guidance counselor recommendation is one of our requirements. While a parent or guardian may certainly complete the form, we ask that you solicit a recommendation letter from someone outside of your immediate family who can attest to your academic achievements and abilities.
  • Official ACT and/or SAT scores must be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the testing agency. Home-Schooled applicants are not considered for Score Optional admission.
  • If you have enrolled in or will have completed dual-enrollment college coursework prior to high school graduation, be certain to indicate this on the admission application and have official transcript(s) sent to the Office of Admissions at time of application. All dual-enrollment students are considered freshman applicants regardless of the number of college-credits earned while in dual-enrollment status.

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